Thursday, 30 June 2022

 The Petroleum Engineering Research Division (PERD) by start-up of specialty laboratories including oil cores, drilling fluid, mud and drilling cement, has initiated its activities since the early establishment of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry. Currently, this division consists of three research and studies group in the area of Drilling & Well Completion Technologies, Production & Reservoir Productivity Technologies, and Reservoir Rock & Fluid technologies research groups. With the advanced laboratory equipment alongside its personnel's expertise, Petroleum Engineering Research Division has centered its major activities on development and access to new technologies of drilling, production and enhanced oil recovery. Using advanced technologies of the world this division also offers services in petroleum engineering such as the Rock, Reservoir Fluids, and Drilling.

At the section of Drilling & Well Completion Technologies, most of carried out projects in Petroleum Engineering Research Division , have had notable achievements in changing the procedure of traditional technologies in the areas of drilling technologies, cement and drilling fluids. So that nowadays in most of hydrocarbon wells which are being studied in the mentioned projects, they make use of the produced technical knowledge. Petroleum Engineering Research Division is the most powerful research hub in the field of experimental researches of petroleum engineering in the country.

These researches are for the purpose of comprehensive understanding of reservoir properties, mechanism of fluids flow and offering new methods in protective production from the reservoirs. The results of these research activities are very valuable for calculation of hydrocarbon reserves, simulation of the reservoir, and taking decision on the best method of hydrocarbon production. Considering the fact that the majority of large reservoirs are in their second-half lifetime, applying methods of water and gas injection together with different enhanced oil recovery techniques, , solving the production problems including wax and Asphaltene precipitation, sand production and managing unwanted gas and water have received much attention in the oil industry.

In this regard, enhanced recovery research projects such as water and gas injection into oil reservoirs, polymer and chemical injection with the aim of promoting the usual injection methods, laboratory and field researches of water alternating gas injection (WAG), methods of enhanced oil recovery from heavy reservoirs and application of polymers in increasing production productivity are carried out in this division.  It should be noted that Petroleum Engineering Research Division carries out many high-quality experimental studies on core and reservoir’s fluid which are needed by the industry. And a high volume of studies on oil and gas wells from different domestic and foreign companies have been carried out in this division, too.

  • Reservoir Rock & Fluid Technology and Research Group

  • Drilling & Well Completion Technologies & Research

  • Reservoirs Production and Productivity Technology and Research Group

  • Reservoir Engineering and Simulation Research Group 


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