Monday, 01 March 2021


The purpose of the project is to produce the high consumption additives in the well drilling, completion and stimulation industries to achieve the self-sufficiency and create the technologies, to study the compatibility of the additives to improve their effectiveness in down hole conditions of iranian wells and to produce the additives in pilot scale by domestic capabilities and cooperation of industrial producers and developers.


• The production of cement retarders from low to high temperature well conditions.

• The production of cement dispersant to be used in fresh and salt saturated cements.

• Access to technical knowledge of new LCM for curing seepage to severe mud loss.

• The production of environmentally friendly foaming agent to be used in fresh and hard water.

• Design, formulation and application of Non-solid drilling fluid for drilling shale and producing formations.

All the above achievments have been developed from lab to pilot scales and have been successfully tested in different fields.


• To produce the required additives according to the universal standards by maximum utilization of domestic raw materials.

• To investigate the Compatibility of produced additives with each other.

• To study the performance of produced packages in drilling fluids, oil well cements, well stimulation, well completion and spacers services according to Iranian fields conditions.

• To create the technology of producing new required additives in drilling industry.

• To achieve the national self-sufficiency and being independent of foreign companies.

• To create jobs specially in research and training centers and science based institutions.

• To optimize the drilling operation.

• To preserve the reservoirs and to decrease the formation damages.

• To export the produced additives to abroad.

• To replace the low quality imported additives and compensate the shortage of high quality additives.


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