Thursday, 25 February 2021


Nanofluids can be designed by adding nanosized particles in low volumetric fractions to a fluid. The nanoparticles improve the fluid’s rheological, mechanical, optical, and thermal properties. Suspensions of nanosized particles may provide the following advantages:

(1) Nanosized particles can have enhanced stability against sedimentation since surface forces easily balance the gravity force, and (2) Thermal, optical, mechanical, electrical, rheological, and magnetic properties of nanoparticles, which depend significantly on size and shape, can be customized during manufacture and are often superior to the base material.


 Drilling Industry, Advanced Drilling Fluids


 Access to technology of preparation of desired nano additives used in drilling fluids considering the conditions of field

 Access to drilling fluid containing optimized and nano-sized additives considering the conditions of field

 Access to methods for preparation of desired nanoparticles

 Avoiding costs from friction and erosion of drilling equipments, Methods for synthesis of other nano additives required in drilling fluids.

 Increase the static thermal conductivity

 Non-linear relation between thermal conductivity and concentration of

nano-materials in fluids.

 Extremely dependence of thermal conductivity on temperature and a Dramatic increase in the critical heat flux.

 Selecting the best candidate for the production of nano-fluid-based cooling fluid

Special product

NANO-Enhanced Drilling Fluid



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