Thursday, 25 February 2021

Project Abstract

During the project, possible resources of shale gas in Garau and Sargelu formations with the age of Middle Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous is going to be explored and evaluated in Lurestan Area, Zagros Basin. This project consists of sedimentological and geochemical studies by means of surface and subsurface samples, petrophysical methods, structural evolution studies of the basin and reservoir, geomechanical and hydrocarbon system modeling as well. Through this methods and studies, the capable locations and layers as gas shale have been determined, evaluated and presented for gas production. Moreover, the preliminary estimate of gas in place and feasible technical methods for production have been recommended. The newest experimental, research consequences and data processing in the field of gas shale studies have been used in this project.

Project Applications

It is evident that achieved results and technologies through this study will not be limited to shale gas resources and could be used vastly for exploration studies of other unconventional and conventional reservoirs. In addition, gas in place estimation of these resources could stabilize or maybe increase the rank of Iran as second gasholder country in the world.

Goals and Necessities

Distinguish between unconventional resources potential in Iran

Increasing strategic hydrocarbon volume of the country

Determination of geological extension and properties of shaly intervals

Determination of quality, quantity, type, and thermal maturity of organic matters in the studding intervals

Estimation of geomechanical properties of shaly sequences and their hydraulic fracability

Gas type evaluation in the formations and the circumstance of its reservation

Exploration risk assessment for possible resources

Primary estimation of gas in place for the shale intervals of the area

Access to novel technologies to the exploration of unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs

Profits and Interests

1. The rank of Iran among gas holder countries will be stabilized or possibly grown

2. These reservoirs possibly are located in faraway places in Iran; therefore, exploration and production from these reservoirs make more job opportunity and economic booms in these areas of the county.

3. The distance between these resources and consumption locations are lower than Zagros gas fields, e.g. this interval is half of the distance between Tehran and South Pars gas field.

4. These resources are located in the cold areas and could guarantee and compensate gas shortage of the regions in the cold seasons.

5. By exploration of these kinds of reservoirs, production-consumption balance is going to be positive in Iran.

6. Lower pollution of gas fuel is of its advantages as compared with oil and coal fuels; therefore, these resources will be more attractive in the future and indirectly will cause their economical merit or preference.

7. Production of these kinds of reservoirs needs novel technologies such as horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing and using a chemical material such as polymers as well. Practical exploitation of these reservoirs will be the reason for arriving these technologies to Iran and after Customizing; they could be used for other hydrocarbon resources.


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