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The main objective of the Pearl Program is to produce a petroleum systems study of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea by using the most advanced BPSM techniques, and associated softwares, available today.


1) No fully integrated analysis of the oil and gas fields of the region based on a rigorous petroleum systems assessment and source-oil correlations has yet been performed.

2) No rigorous (meticulous and adequate) analysis of the geologic and petroleum systems history of the region with particular reference to the region has ever been published.

3) No accurate thermal history assessment for the study area. While, this is a fundamental requirement to understand the history of the petroleum systems.

4) No regional correlation of fundamental (geology and petrophysics) data in the project area.

Main Activities

The Pearl Program was conducted in 6 phases which has done for each sector and block separately

1) Data Gathering

2) Geology, Petrophysics, Experimental and Geochemical Studies

3) Seismic Interpretation

4) Seismic Inversion and Facies Analysis

5) Structural Modeling and Seismic QC

6) 1D, 2D and 3D Petroleum System Modeling


  • Hydocarbon’s accumulation prediction & optimizing exploration for a few targets
  • Hydrocarbon’s quality prediction (compositional migration, API,GOR,…) for present and predicted accumulations
  • Helping for developing future E&P strategies
  • Stratigraphic Traps prediction for all layers in the Project area
  • Finding Structural evolution trough geological time and its effect on HC expulsion, migration and trapping (Petroleum System)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Helping for Prospect Ranking
  • Technology Exchange and to have full controls on the acquisition of fundamental and trategically
  • valuable knowledge of the petroleum systems of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Basins


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