Monday, 01 March 2021

Mechanical friction during drilling operations is a problem in long narrow, highly inclined boreholes. Some of the cures include the application of oil or pseudo oil based mud and lubricants. Use of oil and pseudo oil based muds is highly restricted because of environmental concerns. Even adding small amounts of oil-based lubricants to water based muds raise questions. Consequently, the value of finding an improved environmentally friendly friction reducer applicable in the water based mud is high. In this study, we have tried to design water-based drilling fluids with the high lubricant characteristics by using the nano lubricant additives.


Drilling Industry, Advanced Drilling Fluids

Lubrication Industry, high-performance nano-lubricant additives


Access to the technology preparation of desired nano additives used in drilling fluids onsidering the conditions of the field

Designing of water based nanofluids with high lubrication performance

Access to drilling fluid containing optimized and nano-sized additives considering the conditions of the field

Access to methods for preparation of desired nanoparticles

Avoiding costs from friction and erosion of drilling equipments

Methods for synthesis of other nano additives required in drilling fluids.

Special product

NANO Torque & Lubricity-Enhanced

Drilling Fluid RIPI's NTL-EDF


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