Thursday, 30 June 2022

Title:Hydrocarbon Wells  Drilling New Technologies

Description: One of the most difficult challenges that any oil company faces is managing an oil reservoir. Examining the conditions of such reservoirs and monitoring changes are key concerns for managing a well. New drilling technological advancements have allowed operators to save time, reduce operational costs, and lessen their environmental impact.


  1. 2.      Title: Study, investigation, optimization and Codifying of Comprehensive Applied Quality Control methods (laboratory and field Effects) for Water Based Drilling Fluids additives in Iranian fields drilling conditions

Description: Drilling fluids have a continuous liquid phase and are modified with various chemical additives, both liquid and solid, to align the performance of the drilling fluid to the drilling conditions. However, all fluid types must possess some common characteristics. More than one WBF system is typically used when drilling the same well because various formulations of fluids are required to be able to accurately meet the technical physiochemical properties required in each section of the well. The fluid composition may also need to be continually modified within each hole section.


  1. 3.      Title: Study on Optimizing drilling fluids properties by Nano Size Additives (Laboratory & Field Condition)

Description:Nanotechnology has huge applications in different segments in the oil and gas industry such as in exploration, drilling, completion and work-over, production, and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Nanotechnology can also be used for oil and gas separation in the reservoir through better understanding of processes at the molecular level. 

Rock and Fluid

 Enhanced Gas - Condensates Recovery with Wettability Alteration Approach Using Nanomaterials in Carbonatic Reservoirs to Optimize Production Strategy

 A new approach in the study of Asmari formation of Iranian carbonate reservoirs with determining and modeling of static and dynamic parameters by using NMR and X-ray Methods and comparing with core laboratory data

 Using digital core in sophisticated routine and special core analysis experiments 



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