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Pars Asphaltene Precipitation Simulator (PAPSim)

Pars Basin Modeler 1D(PBM 1D)

Pars Reservoir Simulator (PRS)

PAPSimTM is a comprehensive package for simulating asphaltene precipitation in oil industry. Based on the PAPSimTM ­ inbuilt engines in PVT ...

Burial/Thermal history model of complex stratigraphy data Maturity history and maturity vs. depth model by using TTI and Easy %Ro methods...

 it is comparable and competitive to all commercial products with respect to the wideness of applicability, size of the models CPU time and user friendliness...

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 Pars Reservoir Volume Estimator via Artificial Neural Network (PRVean)

Pars WellTest Analyser (PWA)

Pars Well Management (PWM)

is software to Estimate Hydrocarbon Volume in Place via Artificial Neural Network Model. This software could be used to estimate reservoir properties such as; Porosity,...

Pars Welltest Analyser (PWA) is a comprehensive package for analyzing and history matching transient well test data. The applied analytical methods in PWA ...

PWM is mainly management software to investigate prioritization of different alternatives in front of managers. It uses two methods from package of Multi Criteria Decision making Tools ...

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