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 Geosciences research division is one of the oldest and most equipped divisions in upstream paradise; it consists of petroleum geology, organic geochemistry and geophysics research groups. This division relying on its specialty power offers high quality scientific and advisory services to employers.  Geosciences research division carries out study and scientific plans with the aim of contribution to solving the problems related to the processes of exploration, development, and utilization.

Existence of sedimentary hydrocarbon prone basins in different geological periods in an extensive area of Iran has caused that our country become one of the oil and gas producers. By increase in the age of production and decrease in reservoirs production, continuous and comprehensive plans for replacing the new hydrocarbon recourses is one of top priorities in oil companies.

Achieving this objective would be possible either through increase in coefficient of enhanced recovery, applying various new technologies or new exploratory discoveries. Evidence shows that in recent decades, reduction in hydrocarbon resources, not having access to easily reached resources, proper use of the economic resources, developmental thinking, and appropriate productivity of strategic hydrocarbon resources has caused that universities and research centers in connection with exploratory activities, invest in new and novel areas. In this regard Geosciences research division, enjoying from equipped laboratories and advanced facilities has managed to concentrate its potentiality in the field of research activities on these three areas:

A-  Study and modeling of sedimentary basins and detection of hydrocarbon systems

B-   Development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources such as gas hydrates, oil and gas shale and  gas reservoirs having compressed rocks

C-   Development of technology on fractured carbonate reservoir

Offer of scientific and advisory services in the area of gas and oil exploration and contribution to extraction and development of the fields are other commitments of this division to solve the problems which are related to geosciences.

In recent years, this division has stepped toward new areas of science and technology on new hydrocarbon resources exploration. Currently Geosciences research division with cooperation of different managements in Iranian national oil company is carrying out or will do various study& research plans and projects on detection of gas hydrate resources, storing the gas in subsurface structures, examination and feasibility study of using unconventional economic resources such as gas shale, and also determination of hydrocarbon systems in various areas from geophysical, geological and geochemical viewpoints. For the purpose of establishing joint cooperation areas between Geosciences research division and active experts in upstream oil industry with different managements of oil ministry, universities, institutions, private companies, and specialized consortiums, it has carried out many comprehensive activities and aims to reach the following objectives:

- Establishment of a permanent connection network between experts who are active in plans, projects, and future studies areas in all specialized fields relevant to Division’s objectives

- establishment and set up of  specialized workgroups , objective negotiations with research centers based the merits and capacities of the Division, and also creation of a central management  for the purpose of integrating the knowledge and research documents through networking

Geophysics research center

With regard to its long record, in 2000, Geophysics research center employed more expert human resources, re-equipped itself with geophysical software and hardware, and entered the oil research activities more extensively. In general, the aim of Geophysics research center’s establishment has been study, research, detection, and application of new geophysical methods in oil industry.  To achieve this purpose, It has carried out many plans and projects so that in 2010, among many academic and research centers, research deputy of oil ministry granted the title of “scientific hub of geophysics reservoir researches” to Geophysics research center. 

Research area and capabilities

A- Survey Design & Seismic Data Acquisition

-       Research on effective factors in seismic surveys design; fold, bin size, maximum and minimum offset, migration zone

-       Studies on various 3D geometry

-       Studies on various energy sources and source arrays

-       Studies on various receivers and complex geophone arrays

-       Study of  footprints and signal to noise (S/N)enhancement

B-Seismic Data Processing

-       Wave propagation and seismic modeling

-      Various  de-convolution and their  mathematical principles

-       Velocity analysis and NMO corrections and dip moveout

-       Seismic migration studies  and dip moveout corrections

-       Seismic pre-stack and post-stack migration in time & depth domain

C-Seismic Structural Interpretation

-      Wavelet studies and creation of synthetic seismograms

-      Interpretation of top formations and creation of isochrones

-      Interpretation of  faults and fault systems in time domain

-      Time-depth relations, modeling of velocity and depth conversions

D-Seismic Stratigraphy

-      Study and analysis of  seismic attribute

-      Seismic facies clustering  analysis

-      Seismic Stratigraphy and comparative studies of facies in well

-      Study of seismic sequences and their lateral/vertical changes

E-Reservoir geophysical parameters description

-       Seismic data inversion

-       Porosity studies and seismic estimation of total and effective porosity

-       Fluid saturation studies and estimation of in-situ hydrocarbon volume

-      AVO & AVO Inversion studies

-      Rock physics study and determination of elastic coefficients

F-4D Seismic Study and Modeling

-       feasibility of making use of  4D seismic studies

-      Study of effective factors in seismic data repeatability

-       Fluid displacement and its effects on seismic data

-      Study of reservoir pressure variation and its effects on seismic data

Interpretation and modeling of  reservoir  changes in 4D seismic data

Achievements (Some Major Projects)

-         Comprehensive Geophysical study of Arvandan fields, applicant:  National Iranian South Oil Company, 2008. Among Achievements of this study we can refer to technical knowledge of carrying out integrated studies on oil fields and evaluating the amount of interconnectivity in the fields of this region.

-         Geophysical studies on detailed development plans for oil fields of Ahvaz, Maroun and Bibi Hakimeh, joint projects with STATOIL Oil Company.  Applicant: National Iranian South Oil Company, 2002.

2D (dimensional) interpretation of seismic data on blocks no. 3, 4 and 5 at Ayachcho area in Venezuela and supervision on implementation of 3D seismic data acquisition at Cardon area in Venezuela, 2007. Among its achievements we can refer to the experience, international competition and technical knowledge of carrying out reservoir Geophysical studies


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