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Processs of reservoirs management within which, oil and gas reservoirs in the country are run has four stages. The first stage is development of strategies and policies which would be done with regard to twenty-year vision document and five-year development plans. The second stage is comprehensive reservoir studies and development program. Reservoir studies and field development division is considered as  the main consulting firm which plays a role in reservoir studies and prepratoin of a comprehensive plan for field development. The third stage, is executing the development plan and the fourth stage is monitoring the production; thus, major mission of this division is reservoir studies and field development. With regard to industry needs, variety of technical challenges for taking decision on reservoir mangment and necessity of playing a more effective role in pursuing the objectives and missions of PIRI _as a research and development center_ this division seeks for a new approach within its special status.

Reservoir studies and fielddevelopment, is comprised of reservoir studies group, reservoir engineering group, reservoir modeling group and field development group.

Main objectives

- Carrying out comprehensive studies on reservoirs & providing field development plan (FDP)

- Offering technical advice to oil production companies in petroleum industry in order to meet the needs and solve management related problems

- Promoting quality level of reservoir studies and using modern technologies such as smart well technology

- Employing an integrated approach to management of reservoir studies plans and establishing multi-disciplinary teams

- Defining and managing research projects on reservoir studies and oil field development plans

- Knowledge and technology transfer in the field of reservoir studies and indigenizing it

- Documenting the processes and achievements of projects in the division

- Maximum use of national power in carrying out the projects, with priority of benefiting from PIRI’s capabilities

- Having interactions with universities and domestic and foreign companies

- Planning for promotion of knowledge, expertise, and efficiency of the experts in the division


Activities of reservoit studies and field development bagan its activities in 2002 with preliminary studies on Azadegan field. In order to study the reservoirs, some activities have been carried out such as knowing and providing required software and Hardwar for reservoir studies, knowing the specialties and methods of reservoir studies, providing and training required human resources, organizing and establishing study teams, relating with research centers and international companies.


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