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Pars Reservoir Simulator


  Main Features


·         Black Oil & Compositional Simulation

·         Single Porosity, Dual Porosity , and Dual Permeability Formulation

·         Numerical and Analytical Aquifer Models

·         Common PVT and SCAL Models

·         IMPES, AIM, FIME Formulation

·         GMRES, Direct, ORTHOMIN Linear Solvers

·         Interface for Converting Available Eclipse Model to PRS

·         PRS Desk (Schedule Convertor, PRSLauncher, PRSPlot, PRSView)

Pars Reservoir Simulator (PRS) it is comparable and competitive to all commercial products with respect to the wideness of applicability, size of the models CPU time and user friendliness. It is an all purpose simulator equally handling black oil and compositional single and dual porosity and permeability models usable on unstructured and time depending grids.      

Black Oil & Compositional Simulation

·         Full Three Dimensional Simulator.

·         Same Engine for Black Oil and Compositional Models.

·         Considering Black Oil Model as Special Case of Compositional Model

·         Components are Oil, Gas, Water, Solution Gas, etc.

·         Compositional Simulation of Hydrocarbon Mixtures up to 12 Components.

·         Robust, Well Posed Phase Equilibrium Calculation Engine.

Single and Dual Media Simulation

·         Single Porosity Option for Conventional Reservoir Study.

·         Double Porosity/Permeability Models for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs.

o    Fractured Reservoir Mechanism Options (Viscous Displacement and Gravity Imbibition\Drainage)

·         Two Different Dual Permeability Concepts:

o    3D Dual Permeability

o    1D Column Dual Permeability

Aquifer Models

·         Gridded Aquifer

·         Outer Boundary Concept

o    Steady State (Schilthuis Formula)

o    Transient (Carter-Tracy Model) and Pseudo-steady State (Fetkovich Model)

o    Semi-steady State

SCAL Options

·         Saturation Functions

o    Imbibition Functions

o    Drainage Functions

·         Rock compressibility factor

·         Hysteresis

·         Endpoint Scaling

o    Second Rock Region

PVT Options

·         For Black Oil Model:

o    PVT Tables

·         For Compositional Model:

o    SRK, PR, MPR Equation of States

o    Phase Properties Calculation

o   Separators



Technical description of PRSTM:

In PRSTM general compositional formulation is used, and then individual models are derived limiting the number of phases and components from the general model. Black-oil type simulation models include one phase water, two phase gas/water, and three phase oil/gas/water. Extensions to the black-oil type model including salt model, tracer model and API model, as well as compositional and mixed models are also available. Fully Implicit Method (FIME), Implicit Pressure, Explicit Saturations and mole fractions (IMPES), and Adaptive Implicit Method (AIM) formulation of Equations are used. Automatic history matching based on the Target Pressure and Phase Method (TPPM) is an option in PRS.



Pars Asphaltene Precipitation Simulator (PAPSim)

Pars Basin Modeler 1D(PBM 1D)

Pars Reservoir Simulator (PRS)

PAPSimTM is a comprehensive package for simulating asphaltene precipitation in oil industry. Based on the PAPSimTM ­ inbuilt engines in PVT ...

Burial/Thermal history model of complex stratigraphy data Maturity history and maturity vs. depth model by using TTI and Easy %Ro methods...

 it is comparable and competitive to all commercial products with respect to the wideness of applicability, size of the models CPU time and user friendliness...

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 Pars Reservoir Volume Estimator via Artificial Neural Network (PRVean)

Pars WellTest Analyser (PWA)

Pars Well Management (PWM)

is software to Estimate Hydrocarbon Volume in Place via Artificial Neural Network Model. This software could be used to estimate reservoir properties such as; Porosity,...

Pars Welltest Analyser (PWA) is a comprehensive package for analyzing and history matching transient well test data. The applied analytical methods in PWA ...

PWM is mainly management software to investigate prioritization of different alternatives in front of managers. It uses two methods from package of Multi Criteria Decision making Tools ...

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